Long Time, No Post

Wow. It’s been a while since I posted anything here. The summer went on too long and was too lean for comfort. For my comfort, anyway. To make matters worse, I was caught in the grip of a mental logjam that some like to call writer’s block. Seriously, nothing was coming out of my brain with any kind of coherence.

But summer is finally at an end, there is food in the pantry, and the logjam has broken at last. I may get through this after all. And to celebrate, I’ve fixed the formatting issues in A City of Wood and A City of Stone, as well as giving them new, professional-looking covers. The paperback versions are very nice to hold. Check them out:



You may notice that the links are Amazon only. Despite a long time on their site, I never got anything out of Smashwords (others have had more luck, I’m sure), and I decided to try KDP Select for a while. It certainly can’t hurt.

I set up a new work schedule for myself that seems to be going well so far. The concluding volume in the trilogy, A City of Air, is coming along nicely. I’m more than half way to the end of it. Hopefully I can finish before Christmas. Then I have it in my head to try my hand at a Sherlock Holmes pastiche. I don’t have a title for it yet, but have two chapters done. It should be fun and funny, as the original stories were. See you next week with more updates.



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