New page

A quick post to let you know about a couple of changes.

First, the obvious: there’s a new look to this blog. The old one was attractive, but I really prefer to have everything out in the open, especially my book covers. they can be viewed in the column to the right. Hopefully, that will make them easier to access from the front page. I’ll probably tweak things a bit in the coming weeks.

Second, I want to let you know that the first two volumes of A City by the Lake are now available on KIndle for $2.99 USD. I changed the price to better reflect Amazon’s recommendations, based on their own algorithms, for books of a similar length and category. This is a price reduction of $3.00 USD. We’ll see how it goes.

Please note, that this price is for e-books only, and not for the paperback versions. I may change the prices on those, as well, but I need to examine that, as paper books have a definite minimum price due to the cost of printing.

Also, the release date of the third book in the series, A City of Air, has been pushed back a bit. I’ve been wrestling with the manuscript for a year now, and while going into final edits I finally figured out why: I had started the story in the wrong place. This happens now and then, and the only thing to do in such a case is to start over.

It hasn’t been a total loss, however. I now have about eighteen thousand words of the new version, and the ending remains the same. It will just take some time to re-work the beginning. Never fear, the end is in sight.

Until next time…